what happens when you commission me?

When you have decided that you want me to paint you a picture, you'll need to consider what size canvas you would like​ to choose, and send me a good photograph of the subject as an email attachment - and the more photos you can include, the better!

I will then contact you with a quotation for the cost of the painting, along with a contract, the reference photographs and an estimate of the likely timescale.  Remember that oil-painted canvases can take months to dry properly - but realistically I find that they are touch-dry within a few weeks depending on weather conditions.

If we are happy to proceed, I will email you with a schedule of works and the stages of proofing and payment.

I will begin painting once I have received your deposit of one half of the full amount, which is non-returnable, unless through extraordinary circumstances I am unable to create your artwork.  The final 50% will be paid by you on proofed completion.


If you give me approvals along the way and I create a painting to the specifications, but you as the collector believe that there's an issue with the quality of the final piece,  I will be given reasonable time to re-work the painting to your satisfaction.  If at this point you decide no longer want the painting, I shall retain the 50% down-payment and the work with a right to sell. 


So far, I'm pleased to say that everyone has been delighted :)