Putting together all this social media malarkey is far more draining than I'd envisaged. I already have personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but as for linking this website to those sites as a potential source of business....?

I've Facebooked since 2007, and I go through polar phases of not being able to prise myself away from it, phases of suspending my account when I'm overwhelmed by the emotions it can produce, and every stage in between.

Twitter I've never gotten into. I'm someone who loves a good book and anyone who knows me will confirm that I'm not someone who enjoys or espouses brevity. It seems to me to be a superficial way to communicate with people and I don't really care about much that can be said by anyone in a handful of words. Also, hashtags! Really? #doIhaveto?

Instagram is the one that 'they' say is the most important medium for promoting visual arts (that's me!) and I'm not sure why, although the filters are just dandy - though apparently it's more important to post #nofilter photographs (ew, hashtags again!) just to prove how completely awesome you are at taking brilliant photographs of your perfect surroundings without any help from anyone else.

Pinterest is also highly visual, and very tasteful - the idea being that you can gather together everything that you like in one app. It's though Pinterest that I have encountered the work of so many brilliant artists, both past and present.

Because that's the point - there are SO many fine artists out there and we are all trying to get you to see our work, and love it enough to buy it so we can make a living and paint some more. These social media are so many shop windows and for that, artists today can be so grateful. Before all this, only the very most lauded and established (and perhaps the most avant-garde) artists' work was available in books or on television - otherwise, you could only encounter artwork at a gallery or an exhibition.

Now you can be on the other side of the planet and see my paintings moments after they have been completed. Artists have truly never had it so good.

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