Time to get brave...

Okay, okay, so here's the thing. I keep going on about how much I want to go professional. I figured that I should create a website - but once you start looking into it, it becomes more complicated.

I'm using the Wix content management system so I can run the thing myself. They've made a pretty good job of it, with thousands of potential layouts and designs. But I realise very quickly into the process that the website can only be as good as its content, which is my paintings.

I realise that I have to take better photographs of my paintings and for that I will need a nice dry but overcast day, not too bright and not too dull, and then I can take photographs of my work. I need to measure the painting dimensions, and name them if they currently have no title.

So, I have been waiting for this opportunity all winter to get a perfect day to take the photographs. And weeks go past and I still haven't had the opportunity. After all, if it's a perfect overcast day and I happen to have the day off, I want to spend that day actually painting.

However I went to a seminar recently run by and for women in business and one of the speakers gave us a kernel of advice that really struck me. She advised us to not wait until everything is perfect before we launch, because there will always be something else that needs doing. And so I thought about how I'm waiting on my 'perfect' photographs before I can get going and I realised that I am wasting time. I have to publish my website even though I haven't got everything completely ready as I want it. The time to get out there is now.

The time to get brave, is now.

#Wix #photographs

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