Many people would love to commission a portrait of a loved one, but would also like to be able to know in advance how much it's going to cost before approaching an artist. 


As a guide, my paintings start at £140 for a 25 x 25 x 3cm deep box frame, like this:

oil portrait of a young child
oil portrait on a box frame canvas

The next size up would be 40cm x 40cm, which would cost £170.  

Larger sizes are charged at £375 per subject, so a painting of two children, for example, would be £750.  Additional props, pets or backgrounds painted in detail are charged at £50 - £100, depending on complexity.

One half of the total will be be payable as a booking deposit, with the balance payable upon your satisfactory approval of the digital image I send you on completion of the portrait.  

I usually work from your photographs to create a portrait.

Portraits are painted upon primed cotton canvas and varnished for effect and protection.  Painting the picture itself can usually be turned around within a couple of weeks, but drying time for the paint and for the varnish is vital to ensure that your painting can last for lifetimes.

Paintings will be delivered free of charge by courier in the UK mainland.  Outside of the UK there will be a charge depending on the size of the work and delivery address.

I usually paint on box-frame canvases, which have a depth of either 15mm or 35mm, painting around the edges so that you can hang your painting straight onto a wall without the expense of framing.