I'm a new UK commission artist specialising in creating vibrant and unforgettable works of art from clients' photographs in oil and acrylics paint.

I'm self-taught (with the luck to have studied under two brilliant and inspirational artists while at school) - and although my formal training is in architecture, I've been painting all my life for other people.  Painting the people or animals they love, or painting their homes, or the views or pastimes they are crazy about.

The Proposal, oil on deep canvas


To me no other expression of art can convey as much feeling and as much life  as impressionism.  Impressionism is light and its vibration in colours; it is energy and emotion played out on a canvas.  


A painting of something or someone you love creates a unique moment in time, to be possessed and admired and treasured for ever. It's the essence of your passion, crystalised. It has an energy, all of its own.  What are you crazy about? Your grandchildren, your horse or your Harley?  I can paint them all.

PS - you might notice that measurements on this site are given either in inches or in cm - this is because canvases are still made in both imperial and metric sizes.

PPS - I always paint around the sides of my canvas oil paintings so there is no need to frame them.  Paintings on board, however, would need to be framed.

Come and have a look at some of the paintings I've created and just imagine what I could create for you.............................

'There Will Be Light', oil on board
'The Crossing', oil on deep canvas
'Ritual' oil on canvas
Second pass of a portrait of a Harley
IMG_1367 (Edited)_edited.jpg
To pursue my dream of becoming a full-ti
Time to stop until tomorrow

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